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nawww. - She had so many bitches
she didn't know what to do
I sleep in the new house today for the first time. My bed (mattress + boxspring) is sprawled haphazardly on the floor with my books. Texted Cassie to ask for the wi-fi password so that I don't go any longer than I have to without internet access.

Drank the last of the orange juice in the fridge; ate the last of the leftover pizza. There are dishes, and I'll probably do them tomorrow. Keith and I hauled my bed and one of my bookshelves to the new house. (Somehow, he managed to convince the chair of the German department to lend his truck to him. lol.)

I've lived in this apartment for a year and a half, and done homework and laundry and such here for 2.5 years or more while chilling with Keith and Briana. It's the closest thing to home that I've had. This is going to be very weird. :(
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