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Work stresses me out. It makes me painfully aware that I wasn't… - She had so many bitches
she didn't know what to do
Work stresses me out. It makes me painfully aware that I wasn't built for socializing. I feel as if I've learned enough about human nature to empathize with my fellow man and be relatively nonjudgmental about people's situations. And I've learned how to deal with many different types of people. I'm done with this lesson, and it's time to move on...God, please make the pain stop.

On a much brighter note....I've never had a man buy me perfume until now. J'adore by Dior. (We stopped at Nordstrom yesterday.) In a way, the fragrance he bought for himself was also for me - he never wears it, but he knows I like it. He got Acqua di Gio and Versace Man Eau Fraiche. I tried to get him to choose something he liked, but realistically, I chose them.

I might get to see him this evening, after he gets home from visiting family in D.C. (I was worried that he'd be too tired, but he insisted.)

I just took a nap after work, and I still feel icky and exhausted. This might merit a half-pot of coffee. And maybe some stretching. But certainly not another nap....except I might succumb to the urge anyway.


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jumpinggene From: jumpinggene Date: October 24th, 2010 07:44 am (UTC) (Link)

J'adore would be my perfume of choice if the price wasn't that high. I always go in, and try it on, and go "oh yes please" until I see the pricetag. I'm way jealous. You have awesome taste!
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